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Welcome to our 2025AD studies database! There are countless studies, research papers and surveys that revolve around automated driving – we started with a selection of some of the most relevant and informative works. This is for the community and by the community: Let’s build it up and make it the largest collection of relevant studies on automated driving on the web! Do you know of an important study that should be in the pool? Then just use the form to submit it – we will be happy to put it on and share it with the whole community!

Suggest a study*

Please fill out the form by entering the URL of the study. Optionally, you can provide us with more details.
*This studies database is intended to serve as a collection of works that fulfill certain academic standards. For instance, studies should either be based on empirical data or, as a theoretical work, analyze, compare or summarize different concepts or studies and include a list of references. While an opinion-piece, impressions or predictions would not qualify as such a study, personal opinions and your vision of the future of automated driving are important to us and more than welcome at 2025AD! In this case, please do not hesitate to contact us via contact@2025ad.com.