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Be Driven: a revolution in mobility

Automated driving matters to everyone: whether you’re an engineer, a scientist, a loving father – or a world champion in ice climbing. Discover in our two videos what drives experts and consumers alike to join the movement!

How will automated driving change people's lives?

A world champion in ice climbing, an architect and a loving father are living proof that automated driving has the power to change people's lives for the better: as consumers, as drivers and as individuals, they support automated cars for the sake of road safety, a healthy planet and a higher quality of life.

Why are experts committed to automated driving?

A scientist, an engineer and a journalist testify why they want automated driving to become a reality: as experts and automotive professionals, they are dedicated to helping a driverless future take shape.

What are you driven by? What fascinates you about automated driving? Tell the world and us in the comment section! 

Comments (1)

Dummy User
at 05.04.2016 12:07:35

URGE to make life easier and simpler ...is what drives me

It is a very good sign that we are developing very rapidly in science and technology with innovation in every field of life aspects...
And out of the many [Show more...]aspects nowadays automobile is one of the main aspects which needs to be looked upon and as far as innovation is concerned the automated/fully piloted driving will take away the field of automobile to a whole new level of driving experience....

and it is sure that this idea will not mark the end of innovation as it will be just a new beginning to the field of revolution in automotive sector.......further improvements in vehicles such as Maglev on-road vehicles,hovering vehicles,etc can also be seen in near future .....as a part of interim development ....
Hats-off to Continental AG for creating such a platform to get in interact face to face of world's most intellectual and innovative mind in automotive field.
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