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Terms of Use

1. Provider and Scope

The provider of the online service (hereinafter also referred to as the "2025AD Website") is Continental Aktiengesellschaft, Vahrenwalder Strasse 9, 30165 Hanover, Germany (hereinafter "Continental"). These General Terms of Use contain the conditions and rules of conduct for using the 2025AD Website.

The General Terms of Use apply exclusively in their current version at the time the online service is used. Continental reserves the right to change or amend the General Terms of Use at any time. Users will not receive individual notification of amendments. On the 2025AD Website, users always have access to the latest version of the General Terms of Use. It is the user's responsibility to be aware of the latest General Terms of Use. The consent given by each user upon registration constitutes agreement to the applicable General Terms of Use as amended from time to time.

2. Services

At regular intervals, Continental will post articles on the subject of automated driving to the 2025AD Website. Interested users will have the opportunity to comment on the articles published on the 2025AD Website. Use of the online service is free of charge.

The 2025AD Website appears as a digital publication exclusively on the Internet. Its purpose is to allow individual learning, sharing, and dissemination of opinions, and encourage discussion of the subject of automated driving.

None of the articles published by Continental express expert information, recommendations, or advice.

3. Users and Access

An individual must register with the 2025AD Website in order to participate as an active user. Within the meaning of these Terms of Use, a user is any person who registers with the 2025AD Website and uses the communication features. When registering, users must provide their names (first and last names) and an e-mail address, and choose a nickname as their user ID. This information is mandatory for identification purposes. Users may voluntarily provide additional information in their personal profiles on the site. Content posted to the site will always be displayed using the user's nickname.

Users are not allowed to choose nicknames that violate the rights of others, in particular naming or trademark (brand) rights, or that are otherwise illegal or offensive.

4. Conditions of Use

Users are not entitled to have their comments or other content posted to the 2025AD Website.

Continental reserves the right to delete posts if they do not meet the requirements of the General Terms of Use and all applicable laws. In particular, Continental will delete comments that are illicit, discriminatory, pornographic, obscene, threatening, libelous, or derogatory; that violate the privacy of others; that contain software viruses, political or commercial advertisements, chain letters, mass e-mails, or other forms of spam; or that are otherwise inappropriate.

Hyperlinks to other websites (e.g. references to other scientific articles) may be posted as long as the content on the linked pages is directly relevant to the subject of an article or comment and the user is authorized to post the hyperlink. Links to Internet sites with illicit, discriminatory, pornographic, or similar content are prohibited.

Users are prohibited from performing any procedures through which information from the Continental online service can be extracted, stored, processed, edited, shared, or otherwise misused. This rule applies regardless of whether the procedures are performed manually or automatically.

In the event a user violates the General Terms of Use or applicable laws, Continental is entitled to block the user's account and delete comments posted by the user.

5. Availability

Continental will make every effort to ensure orderly operation of the online service, but it does not guarantee the uninterrupted availability and usability of the 2025AD Website.

Continental reserves the right to modify, in whole or in part, the online service being offered, or to temporarily or permanently discontinue the same at any time and without separate announcement. Users shall have no claims arising from such action.

6. Copyright

Content published on the blog (in particular, articles and comments) is protected by copyright, and users are required to comply with German copyright law. The 2025AD Website may only be used for private, non-commercial purposes as intended. Users are permitted to view, download, save, copy, and print out content published on the blog, provided such actions do not directly or indirectly serve business purposes. The sale, reproduction, distribution, or other use of copyrighted content without the express consent of the respective owner is prohibited.

By submitting an article for the purpose of publication on the 2025AD Website, the user grants Continental a one-time, transferable, perpetual, and universal right of usage in the scope necessary for providing the online service.

In particular, the user authorizes Continental to post the respective content (comments, articles, etc.) to the 2025AD Website and make any copies required to do so (files saved to servers, etc.). Continental is authorized to make the content accessible to the public as well as publish it in other form. Continental shall not pay the user any compensation for granting it such rights of usage.

The user ensures Continental that the user is entitled and able to grant the above rights. The user undertakes not to post any content that violates copyright protection or naming rights or other intellectual property rights belonging to third parties. Furthermore, the user undertakes to indemnify Continental against any and all liability and expenses incurred by Continental arising from claims brought by third parties as a result of the culpable infringement of their rights by the user. Continental shall inform the user of any such claims and give the user the opportunity, if legally necessary and possible, to fend off the claims being made.

7. Data Protection Declaration

The data protection declaration applicable to the 2025AD Website can be found at here.

8. Declaration of Consent to Contact

Continental may contact me via e-mail for the following purposes: cooperation on articles and other forms of content, invitations to events, and career opportunities.

This consent can be partially or fully withdrawn at any time with future effect by sending a request to Continental AG, Vahrenwalder Str. 9, 30165 Hanover, Germany, e-mail 2025ad@conti.de, telephone +49 (0) 511 938-1329, without incurring any costs other than the transmission costs at the basic rates.

9. Warranty and Liability

Articles on current topics will be written with the appropriate attention to detail. Nevertheless, Continental shall assume to the extent allowed by law no liability or guarantee that any content published on the 2025AD Website is accurate, current, complete, or usable. Continental shall take no responsibility for decisions made by users on the basis of any article on the 2025AD Website.

The 2025AD Website serves a variety of purposes, not the least of which is the discussion of controversial subjects. Articles published on the website represent solely the opinions and assessments of the authors and do not necessary reflect the opinion of Continental. Therefore, Continental shall assume no obligation to ensure that comments made by users are correct or complete, etc. before they are posted to the 2025AD Website. Each user is responsible for the content of his or her respective articles. Continental shall assume no liability whatsoever.

Hyperlinks to other Internet pages lead to websites provided by third parties. Continental has no influence on the design or content of the third-party websites to which a post links, and Continental is neither obligated nor able to monitor them on an ongoing basis. Continental makes no claim to the third-party content and assumes no liability for the same. The respective providers are solely responsible for their content. Links will be immediately removed if found to violate any law.

10. Miscellaneous

Should a provision of these Terms of Use be invalid, the validity of the remaining provisions shall remain unaffected.