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2025AD@IAA 2017: Ethics of AD & Your AD Car Edition!

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Ideally, autonomous vehicles should be safer than human drivers. But how should a self-driving car react when an accident is inevitable? Who gets the blame? Will you still want to drive? We want to discuss these issues.

The automotive industry is in the early stages of a revolution, as vehicles start navigating themselves. The implications – for safety, jobs, urban planning, the environment, and our way of life – are enormous.

And these implications go beyond questions like whether an AD car in case of an unavoidable fatality should spare the young or the older pedestrians.

2025AD is hosting a panel discussion at the IAA 2017:

The ethics of Driverless Cars: Which decisions should machines be allowed to make?

The discussion will be held in German and wants to shed a light on key ethical issues that need to be solved for autonomous driving to become mainstream.

The panelists:

From left to right: Prof Reinhard Merkel, Dr Joachim Damasky and Dr Felix Gress
  • Prof. Reinhard Merkel is Professor of Criminal Law and Legal Philosophy at University Hamburg (emeritus). He is a member of the German Ethics Council since 2012.
  • Dr Joachim Damasky is Managing Director of the German Automotive Industry Association VDA. In his role he is responsible for the support of manufacturer groups regarding technology, safety, environment protection and energy.
  • Dr Felix Gress, Senior Vice President Communications & Public Affairs at Continental AG is hosting this open discussion, in which the panelists will discuss the most urgent issues that need to be solved to lay down rules for autonomous vehicles.

When, for instance, can an autonomous car really be considered to be safer drivers than a human? And when that is the case, should it still be allowed to drive manually? Almost fatalistically we accept human error, but will we accept a (worst case) fatal decision pre-programmed in cold blood?

What are your questions, your opinion on this? Our experts will discuss the topic and we will pass them your questions which you can post here or on our Facebook channel.

Date: Saturday, September 16, 11am to 12 noon.

Venue: IAA, Frankfurt am Main, New Mobility World Area, Hall 3.1, Main Stage

The IAA 2017 Map (Photo: IAA)

#ADyourway: get your personal Automated Driving Car designed!

We want to engage with the implications AD has on our lives and make them tangible. Therefore, at IAA we kickstart a series of activities under the label Xperience AD. They are designed to enable individual experiences within Autonomous Driving. To Xperienc AD, join us at the IAA.

Come see us at the 2025AD booth, within the „New Mobility World Parcours“. In 15 minutes our designers draw your personal AD car edition, whether it is a self-driving office SUV or the autonomous gaming sports car. Our designers will be there Friday through Sunday on both weekends, ready to convert your ideas and concepts for the ideal driverless car into cool designs.

Finally, if you just need a time-out, our „Couch Corner“ is the place to go.  Here you can hang out, refresh and have a chat with our experts about everything around automated driving - or just take a breather from everything that’s going on, while surfing our website or just watching life going by. We are looking forward to meeting you in person and discussing your perspective on driverless cars and what they mean to you. Come join us.

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Article Interactions

5 4 votes
Rate this article on a scale of 1 to 5.