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Infographic: How driverless cars will transform our cities

Autonomous mobility will not only alter the way our cars look and drive – but also radically change our cities! From housing prices to parking lots – find out the drastic impact of driverless cars in our infographic.

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Autonomous mobility will not only alter the way our cars look and drive – but also radically change our cities! From housing prices to parking lots – find out the drastic impact of driverless cars in our infographic.

Comments (12)

Dummy User
at 15.11.2016 20:09:43

Additional reduction of transport time possible?

I think it is a great thing, how urban development will influenced positively by this. I can't wait to see Progress.

Beside that, can we as well reduce the [Show more...]transfer time from A) to B) by using new technology?
Actually we are spending still a lot of time in the traffic, even if there is no traffic jam.
Is there maybe a chance to use railways (including underground railway) more efficient (in combination with road connections)?
Respectively is there a plan to use street and railway in combination, e.g. without changing the transport vehicle (or cabin)?
Railways or similar means of transport allow often higher Speed, especially in Winter, with snow and ice.

Looking forward to hear from you
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Dummy User
at 16.11.2016 11:07:04

From A to B in an instant...

Hi Christian! One key factor will significantly cut your travel time: Connected vehicles will be able to anticipate traffic impediments like intersections, road construction and gridlocks - and [Show more...]adapt your trip route accordingly. Besides, ride-sharing services and door-to-door public transport will seamlessly get you to work and back home again.

In general, it's likely that we'll see integrated transit systems: Connected and driverless cars, busses, shuttles and subways for mid-range and city rides, railway for longer trips. To which aspects of driverless mobility are you looking forward to the most - besides shorter travel times?
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Dummy User
at 23.11.2016 13:47:33

But who wants to be driven?

ago 0
But who wants to be driven? If "to be driven" shall be really so great,
why is individual traffic so popular?
Why do only a few and poor [Show more...]travel by Busses or Trains?
And - the most interesting question: Where is any individuallity?
Shall we reduce the victims of traffic for the price of being transported like cows or pigs to the slaughter?
And: Why are you thinking so short?
What about autonomic Mountainbiking, Hiking, skateboarding, running oder walking?
Why walk at all? Autonomic Segwaying?!
If I want to be driven - I enter a train - and that happens very rarely...

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Dummy User
at 23.11.2016 13:58:40

Why all this crazy effort...?

Why don't you just simply mechanically connect the vehicles toghether instead of implementing dotzends of cameras, sensors, adjustment motors, CPU's and software in each and every single vehicle?
Is [Show more...]this really the best idear of the species on earth, that likes to call itself the "most intelligent" on the planet?
...that makes me sad.
A mechanic connection would make all those supercomplicate, full of bugs and extremely expensive dump electronic trys to make vehicles understand all ever possible traffic situations on earth.
Hey software developers! Don't forget to think about Kangurus in australia, Antilopes in Africa, kids sitting on skateboards in USA, streets simply washed away in the mountains in India, flodded roads near any river, sandstorms in Africa, Footballs rolling on the street (will the kid follow?), frogs crossing streets, and every possibe, potential and unlike traffic situation on Earth!?
I am sure, you'll thought about all those already?
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Dummy User
at 23.11.2016 14:52:46

Reply to: "Who wants to be driven?"

Hi there! That's a lot of questions – that we're happy to discuss!
To start with, we think one of the most important things about automated – or, [Show more...]driverless – mobility is: It will be a matter of free choice. We're all not going to wake up in the morning one day and find ourselves in a world where we'll be stuffed into crowded busses without no other options. It's not about making public transport mandatory or taking anyone's freedom away – it's about increasing options with the common good in mind. What would that common good be?

The facts that we have point in one direction: Automation and the increased connectedness of vehicles – individual cars and shared/ public transport vehicles – make mass traffic safer by reducing accidents. Which is definitely a good thing, don't you think?

Plus, traffic will get greener (so even antilopes & frogs may benefit in the long run) and more accessible and comfortable for those who desire it the most: commuters, families, workers, elderly and people with disabilities. Also pretty fair, isn't it?

Individual mobility – mostly, driving in a car – has accompanied us thoughout the last century. And the principle of being able to drive alone will endure – only that other options and alternatives will be added to it:

So, "why all this crazy effort?" We think the answer of many working in the field of future mobility would be: Because it may be worth it!
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