Will AVs help us celebrate the festive season?



In this article, we’re asking how AVs might make the festivities more social for us all:

  • How will driverless vehicles change the way we socialise?
  • Will self-driving cars allow us to meet up and enjoy the season more easily?
  • Or will the convenience of autonomous travel even encourage unhealthy drinking habits?



Hack attack: Will driverless cars be safe from cyber-attacks?

It seems that hacking will always pose a threat to automotive tech,

but is it something we should be worried about?  We interviewed an

expert ‘white hat’ hacker  to gain more insight into the world of hacking,

and the impact it will have on our driverless future.

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Disability talks: Accessibility for autonomous vehicles

In this article, we discuss how autonomous vehicles will impact inclusion, and ask:

  • How does driverless tech open up new opportunities for disabled travellers?
  • Are car manufacturers prioritising inclusion?
  • What are the best driverless models out there for people with limited mobility?




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