Driverless in 2022: Were the predictions right?

In this article we dive into predictions for driverless tech in 2022 and ask:

  • Will robo-taxis become a regular sight in 2022?
  • Has last-mile delivery become more accessible?
  • Are driver assistance features unlocking our driverless future?

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Autonomous driving: Do we need a common language to move forward? 

In this article, we’re focusing on communication and asking: 

  • How does the way we talk about driverless tech impact its progress? 
  • Would shared terminology increase understanding among the general public? 
  • Should we create a common language to be used by all manufacturers? 


Will autonomous vehicles really put an end to traffic congestion?

In this article, we take a closer look at AVs’ impact on traffic, and ask:

  • How do autonomous vehicles impact traffic flow?
  • Will ridesharing make congestion better, or worse?
  • Could adapted road systems reduce traffic?

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Driver assistance features: The perfect stepping stone to acceptance of AVs?

In this article, we look at the link between advanced driver assisted systems (ADAS) and AVs and ask:

    • How do we overcome hesitancy around autonomous vehicles (AVs)?
    • Does full trust in ADAS come before acceptance of AVs?
    • How can we improve the relationship between driver and ADAS?



Why should I feel safe around autonomous vehicles?

In this article, we consider the people outside AVs, and ask: 

  • How will AVs interact with human drivers and user-driven vehicles? 
  • Will self-driving cars make towns and cities safer for pedestrians? 
  • Are designated ‘driverless corridors’ the solution to safety fears? 

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Safety, work, play, repeat: How connectivity takes self-driving vehicles one level up

In this article we explore a common term in the world of driverless, asking: 

  • What are connected autonomous vehicles? 
  • How do connected and autonomous cars differ? 
  • Why is connectivity important to autonomous driving? 

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What’s the difference between driver support features and automated driving?

In this article, we explore how self-driving cars are defined and ask: 

  • Why are autonomous driving levels important? 
  • Where on the autonomous driving scale are we right now? 
  • Are there any level 3 autonomous cars?  




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